Wonder Wednesdays

WONDER WEDNESDAYS is a new program being offered by Lewis County Cooperative Extension for tweens ages 10-13.   It will be held at the Croghan Free Library from 3:45-5:00PM.    There is NO CHARGE for the program and snacks are provided.  The following is a list of upcoming dates with the programs theme.   If you have any questions about the program please contact Lewis County Cooperative Extension at 376-5270.

MARCH 22ND - Wireless Technology-Lake Effect Tech is back!  Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn more about our everyday electronics.

APRIL 5TH - Bicycle Tune Up- We will journey across the street to "Good Ol' Spokes" to learn the science behind bicycles and how to get them ready for spring.  We may even assemble one ourselves!

APRIL 19TH - Wireless Technology- Lake Effect Tech will once again join us to explore the world of technology and wirless devices.

MAY 3RDHydraulics- Ever wonder how such big machines seem to run with such little force?  Join us at this workshop to explore the world of hydraulics.