Please support YOUR library! Vote "YES"!

The Croghan Free Library Board of Directors has elected to present a referendum for additional funding to the voters of the Beaver River Central School District on Tuesday, May 16th

The proposed additional $5000 allotment is separate and apart from school funding, and would cost each taxpayer an average of $1.00 more per year.  Funds would be used to help offset the cost of upcoming library renovations, as well as the increasing cost of technology and services.  71% of all North Country Library System member libraries receive money through school ballot referendums to assist them with library funding. 

The library funding proposition will appear before the school district voters from 1-8 pm on May 16th.  Voters are reminded that monies allocated to the library are in no way tied to the school budget itself, and should be voted on independently.  Please support your library and say "YES" to the school ballot referendum.