"Project: Party Time!"

On Tuesday, August 15th, during "Project: Party Time!" the Croghan Free Library Crew celebrated completing the "Build a Better World" summer reading program and the reading accomplishments they achieved.  The crew enjoyed the Sci.-Tech. Traveling Center's electrifying show and pizza for snack.  Each crew member received a reading certificate, book, and prizes.  The Ground Breaking Prizes were also given to their respective winners.  Congratulations Crew!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the "Build a Better World" summer reading program a success:  Ms. Meghan Harney of Grand Slam Safety, Ms. Kimberly D. LaCoe of D.E.C., Ms. Jayne Strigle of 4-H, and the Sci.-Tech. Traveling Center for your educational programs on various topics that help build a better world.

Buckingham Hardware, Croghan Candy Kitchen, Croghan Convenience(Sliders), Good Ol'Wishy's. Nancy's Unisex Salon, The Reading Room, Utica Zoo, and Wal-Mart for your generous donations.  Your continued support of the summer reading program is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to the parents/caregivers and to all the wonderful children who joined our crew this summer.  Keep building your reading skills all year and we hope you will join us again next summer!

-Lisa Ritz-